John Pace is a Senior and Sports photographer serving the Houston and Gulf coast.


Since picking up my first camera in 1983, I have been drawn to shooting subjects in motion. Race cars, aircraft, athletes…if it moved, I wanted to shoot it.  

In 2012, after spending 25 years in sales, service and marketing, I decided to make the leap into action photography and sports portraiture.  In my portrait work, I found that as much as I loved shooting action, I had a real passion for photographing people as well which has led me to photographing families and high school seniors as well.

I shoot exclusively on location because I love the varied backgrounds it provides.  The backdrop of a sunset after a storm is more beautiful and interesting than any backdrop I can hang on a stand.  While I may someday move into a studio, it will serve to separate work from home. The majority of my work will still be shot outside at the mercy of mother nature.